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  • Service Areas: Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Noida

About Mont Vert Luxury Homes

Mont Vert Luxury Homes went through its initial inception some 20 years ago. This was the age when Indian realty market was growing up to be intensely competitive and challenging, the era of its infantry stage of development to the teeming extension of its competitive counterpart at present. The company is one of the most sought-after or rather well-known real estate entities having a wide number of trusted customers, thanks to it’s having a wide array of outstanding and superb projects in residential segments and others which the company created to provide buyers best of living spaces. Affordability has been the core business priority aiming to give customers a reason to buy properties and enjoy the life to the fullest, and this is the reason the surge in popularity of Mont acknowledges its business ethic that is noble and transparent. Real estate business that is turning volatile due to various factors, including lands and legal fundamentals, most builders find it difficult to stay in the business and continue to serve their clients with best of the projects. However, Mont Vert Luxury Homes defies the trend in this context, rather it has exerted best of efforts aiming to continue to serve clients and for this to manifest on practical ground, it has developed luxury homes beautifully nestled in the locations fraught with the comfortable transit-facilities connecting major destinations easily. Projects in residential and commercial segments developed by Mont are known for their robust construction and brilliant architects which exert signature statement along with providing buyers optimal level of living space under the price conveniently easy for their budget. Even holiday bungalow projects in Lonavala delineate the builder’s commitment of providing best of living spaces to those seeking great accommodation to make their holiday as memorial as they want. With 20 years of existence and 40 projects having constructed apart from 12 ongoing projects, and most importantly – having served 3500 families satisfactorily are the notable achievements which accentuate integrity, trust and transparency Mont Vert Luxury Homes.

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